Write with me

This website is a place for knowledge, particularly on basic human psychology and distinct personal experiences, the aim is to let people with non- psychology background who are eager to learn more about human mind find a space which can provide that very knowledge to quench their information acquiring thirst.

The journey of reaching this goal becomes much more fulfilling when creators and people with ideas come together, be a part of the same goal and connect with each other.

So I invite you to write with me, share your experiences, knowledge and ideas which knows no bounds with our readers.

Guidelines for writing

Share your knowledge, observations, ideas or experiences about human mind. Something that happened with you, some intricate observation which very few people might’ve paid attention to, or a very important insight you feel every one should know about. Or did you recently heard a podcast, a conversation with an experienced psychologist, totally your call.

Aim for 500 to 2,000 words.

Produce work that is unique, personal, and truthful. Original indicates that your article has never been published anywhere else, including your own site, and does not include any portions lifted from a previously published post.

Paragraphs should be no more than four sentences long. Include a bio of 75 words or less at the bottom of the post. You are free to insert as many links as you want.

Submission of the post

Send your post to khajuria.riya2001@gmail.com in plain text, not HTML, with the title ‘Post Submission’ in the subject line. Please limit your submissions to one per email.

If your article feels like it might be a good match for the blog at this time, you will hear back within a week. If you do not receive a response, you may try again with a different post.
Clarity, grammar, and general style of your message may be modified. If any important changes are made, you will be requested to review and approve them beforehand.