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Art Therapy- Interview with an art therapist

Art Therapy- Interview with an art therapist
art therapy with art therapist
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Art therapy is something which has been gaining popularity lately, and why not, looking at the vast array of healing properties following such creative process. Seems intriguing. With this newfound vogue, comes all kinds of assumptions, myths and doubts.

So, I thought, why not take a step forward and explore it, and with the best, a professional in the field. I recently had an eye opening interview with Ms Monica Kapur, art therapist. I began looking through the sea of profiles on social media and finally found one, one with amazing feed, informative and approachable profile. You can get to know more about her in the end with her bio, and her Instagram handle.

What does art therapy entail?

Art therapy is a form of psychotherapy that uses artmaking as a form of expression and communication for people experiencing difficulties in their lives. Art therapy has two form “Art in therapy” and “Art as therapy”. The art in therapy focuses on the content and meaning in the artwork while the later focuses on the process.

How does art therapy work?

Art therapy allows for creative expression that can overcome the limitations of language. In other words, if an idea or emotion is too difficult, confusing, or painful to be said, written, or signed, then maybe drawing, painting, sculpting, coloring, sewing, collaging, poetry, storytelling and movement can surpass the stumbling block of language.

What according to you is a widely believed myth about art therapy?

People with art background can do art therapy.

What has been your own experience with art therapy?

I started art therapy when my mother passed away. It is a very useful form of therapy with art as the key communication point.

Is there a technique/practice in art therapy which you would like the readers to know about? Something which can help them work on their emotional well-being?

Depends on the client issue.

This was an interesting one, these were the most frequently asked questions which I had received. I guess most of the myths and misinformation regarding art therapy were debunked today, in my case, it was that people with no art background couldn’t go for art therapy. And imagine, a kind of therapy where your art is the key to communication, now it would be something very different to experience something where you express not with words solely.
If you found it fascinating, and want to know more about it, or would like to go for art therapy, you know your stop.

Note from your art therapist:-

My name is Monica Kapur. (Ig handle: @arttherapistmonica)
I love working with people to remove mental blocks that may be preventing them for being awesome. I guide them toward learning to live the life of their dreams by providing a non-judgmental, genuine, and collaborative therapeutic environment.
I offer support for those struggling with anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, career concerns, dissatisfaction in relationships, and adjustment to life stressors like a loss of a loved one.
My endeavor is always to help you find some relief and hope starting from our very first session. I use a variety of techniques like Art Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Mindfulness in my work to suit what works best for you.
Those closest to me know me as a lover of books, plants, and serials! I am equal parts extroverted as I am introverted. While I enjoy spending time in nature, my ideal relaxation or travel days are spent in mountains and beaches!

Ph: 9650743338
Diploma in Art Therapy, College of Education and Clinical Art Therapy, Australia
Masters in Human development and Family Relations, Ohio State University, USA
Masters in Labor and Human Resources, Ohio State University, USA

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