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Meet ‘Me’

Ahoy Mate! I’m Riya, a fiction fanatic and a psychology student. I am absolutely in love with books, poetry and psychology, and I believe each one of them hold precious knowledge about human mind and healing. I blog about what helps me with my daily life, topics I find intriguing and looking forward to connect with ya’ll. Trust me, you’ll find value here, nothing works better than getting to know your own psychology and identifying your behavioral patterns. Once we get familiar with who we are, we get to have a say in how we present and improve ourselves. That’s how you can benefit from the knowledge of psychology, meet yourselves, and initiate your growth.

Yes, I know, if you somehow landed here, there might be other psychology related blogs you might be reading. How can I add value to that? How about a blend of subjective and objective narration and personal experiences, we don’t have to have a ‘technical’ bond here. Look and read all the psychology related theories from a fresh perspective, a new angle. So, what do you say? Gonna stick with me?

Hence, a self-help blog!

Together we’ll explore so much more, so buckle up! We’re going undercover. (Wink!)

Thanks for stopping by!

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